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We’re In This Together


Forest Light

How fortunate we are to have the ability to ask for guidance and receive answers. I’ve been working with a new process that involves observing symbols that rise to the forefront of mind while sitting in meditation. The practice includes recording each of the symbols received, describing them in writing, along with any important insights received. In one very revealing meditation, I started choosing symbols from previous dreams and meditations pulling from what I knew and felt comfortable with, then immediately realized it didn’t feel right. I had to let go of the old and let something else surface. It was there, I could feel it waiting. Within moments of letting go, a forest scene appeared.

I had been here before years ago in meditation, a wooded area with a stream rushing nearby, this scene was my symbol. A meditative event was my symbol, something completely unexpected. I’ve always had an object or shape, sometimes a sound. The scene unfolded,  translucent body kneeling on the forest floor, shining in the speckled sunlight streaming through the trees, she… I was vulnerable, sensitive, loving. Now, we blended, existing in duality physical and spiritual, we sat feeling the events of past and present, even those that may unfold. And in those moments there was instant realization that we embraced all experience. Those that are considered positive, as well as those that are considered negative. Experience wrapped around us layer upon layer and the message? Experience builds strength and courage. We grow not only in human character but in Spiritual character as well.

During this meditation I felt acceptance of all that has been, that which is now occurring and all of that which may unfold. I, as both spiritual and physical, was embraced by an all-encompassing Love and knew that all is as it should be, no matter how it may appear. We dear reader are provided an opportunity to experience in every way, with physical senses, with emotion and feeling, with freedom, intellect and creativity of thought. This means experiencing all that comes along with living on the Earth as human. This is our workshop for the Spirit. This is our place to develop richness and strength of character. The meditative experience provided clear understanding that I have come to be who I am as a result of each sensed moment, emotion, feeling and thought. Each interaction and event that occurs over the course of a day, week, month, over the course of a lifetime is meant to provide us with love, joy, pain, sadness, with laughter, with conflicts or fear… immersed in diverse richness we experience Life.

Collectively as components of Spirit, we share these strengths. Embrace Life fully, hold yourself and others in compassion as we move through each experience, because we are all in this together! Spiritual beings living a physical existence, we are called to uplift, support, and walk with each other on these adventures. When your colleague stumbles, is fearful, in pain, needs your hand, take it. When you are troubled, suffering, feel alone, reach out! And share joys as well, celebrate milestones, rejoice when there are successes, join together and shout, “We are more than what is seen, we are more than this!”

“May the stream of my love, in all its depth and fullness, flow unceasingly from me to thee. May no winds of impatience blow upon its waters, may no ripple of unkindness mar its surface, may no storm of hostility disturb its depths, and may no sediment  of deception choke its course. Rather, may the joy I share with you be unrestrained, may my sorrow with you know no bitterness, and may the streams of both our lovings be absorbed in the never-ending ocean of God’s grace.”                                                       ~ Rev. Dr. Noel Frederick McInnis

Life Lessons


This week I put the brakes on a repeating life experience and stepped onto a new life path. I left the comfort of familiar emotions carried into adulthood and the insidious desire to recreate tragic childhood feelings. There was so much drama, anxiety and sadness back then. Giving myself some credit, I admit each time I have repeated the type of relationship choice that creates this environment, it’s at a lessor scale. This week there was a breakthrough. I consciously recognized what was going on and how important it was to make a change. I knew it was time to honor what I felt, embrace the feelings and walk toward healthier life path choices.

Knowing we are each part of the Whole, of Spirit, of God, it becomes difficult to see anyone as “wrong.” Instead, I see what lies beneath each person, I know he is my brother or she, my sister in Spirit. How then can I judge? I accept wholeheartedly without resistance, surrender, allowing events to unfold as they may. What made this most recent event unusual is that although I recognized divinity in the person, I knew it wasn’t necessary to have this individual in my life or the repeated life experience. I can still accept him as Spirit, allow him to live as he so chooses and walk away loving him.

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Just to walk away from those who seem to impact us? However when you love from Source, when you know these individuals are part of you, only compassion remains and the desire to help. Many times I want to reach out, pull the individual into a gentle embrace all the time inwardly speaking with their Wisdom self, coaxing knowledge to their consciousness, hoping they will get it, that they will create positive life experiences through their choices. Does it work? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I have been known to stay and stay and stay. Rather than becoming preachy, I choose to teach through example, illustrating that my own choices create the life I wish to experience. My hope has been that they would learn and we would continue to walk together. The heightened awareness experienced this week broke the patterning. With full clarity I knew I could, with a loving heart, choose differently. I have learned the lesson to accept, love and hold each person in compassion but to choose again, a new way.

Today and every day, see all with eyes of compassion. Embrace with love and walk away if necessary knowing all the time that we are connected with the Divine, each a unique expression of the Spirit Collective. Trust that you are right where you should be in your choices, they are our life lessons. We are more than this…

“What if your vision of life was suddenly altered or supplanted somehow for a strange new one? And order as you know it was suddenly reordered, your rule of life given over for something better, higher, something you could not have expected or imagined? Warning: Love will confer upon you a new rule, and with it, a new set of scales. You will see and consider new things. You will hear what you could not hear before. Your priorities, your politics, your responses to life, how you invest your soul, your words, your actions — it all changes. Love transforms all your receptors and rewrites all contracts with the earth you inhabit. And again be warned: It doesn’t come without a price. Love asks nothing but everything. Like heaven itself, love is but a death away, one authentic surrender…” ~ David Teems


Torso 11 “Hong Kong” by Naoka Tosa 2012


Last Sunday morning, I entered into meditation with a specific intent…wanting to know more about what it means to have free will? Are the choices we make really our decisions? Or is what we experience predetermined? I know with certainty that we are physical representations of Spirit Collective manifesting as individual selves. I know we collaborate in the spiritual realm by working together, sharing and planning what we will experience as human. So, I am left with this nagging question, “What is it we choose living as physical beings on our life path if we are making decisions on another level about what to experience?”

After moving into quiet silence to sit with my question, the meditation unfolded.  Immediately I was shown images of a body clothed head to toe in a patchwork of experiences and words, living snapshots of life. The patchwork appeared to make up physical self. I interpreted this image as representative of our liberty to choose experiences and the words impacting us as we walk the path born into.

Another image quickly followed, garments of flowing colors representing underlying character draped over hangers.  There were several of us browsing the many-colored themes, hues of blue, orange, yellows, and more, flowing energies of color that we wear. Having performed hundreds of aura readings over the years, I’ve recognized that we carry underlying color themes. For instance healers most often walk with hues of green, which indicate a natural healer. Sitting in the presence of a green-themed person can be a very restful, peaceful, healing experience.

A client I work with consistently emanates an underlying turquoise aura, which indicates a dynamic, highly energized personality, who easily influences other people. Individuals with a turquoise theme are multitaskers and good organizers. They have a tendency to feel bored when forced to concentrate on one thing. This completely fits the client I was reading. She is outgoing and charismatic with a strong work ethic, works in a position where it is necessary to jump from one task to the next and absolutely detests paperwork.

Despite theses meditative images, the question still nags at me. I’ve interpreted the images to mean that we are born into a circumstance with an underlying color theme and the ability to choose from a myriad of experiences as we move through life, experiences which then form memories and words that shape who we are at any given moment. Understanding free will and choice remains puzzling. I want to know more. What choices are we born with? How much freedom do we have in shaping our lives? What is predetermined, if anything?

When on this kind of quest I don’t stop until there is complete clarity and I can share information with others confidently. I’ve asked for continued mentoring and teaching in both the dream as well as meditative states regarding free will living in the physical world. I know the knowledge will come. So stay connected dear reader, we are more than this…

“We gallop through our lives like circus performers balancing on two speeding side by-side horses — one foot is on the horse called ‘fate,’ the other on the horse called ‘free will.’ And the question you have to ask every day is–which horse is which? Which horse do I need to stop worrying about because it’s not under my control, and which do I need to steer with concentrated effort?”
―    Elizabeth Gilbert,   Eat, Pray, Love

On a Free-Will Quest

Arriving Safely


A few weeks ago I dreamt of the “safe” place I’ve been creating in the dream state for years. It’s been under construction since I was 16 years old starting with a cavern in the side of a mountain that could only be reached through a secret door in my grandmother’s attic. We started tunnels back then because we knew someday when the world changed, this place would be ready and waiting for us. Over the years, a group of us have been working on the site in dreams.

It’s ready. The safe site is complete. In this most current dream, I am in an institution of higher learning and shown an event of great proportion that will change the existing world. It will happen soon and will be instant. I ran through the halls choosing a few women I knew were knowledgable of being more than this, women who understood we would be heading for an entrance to a new way of living, a completely new reality.

The four of us ran for my childhood home that had long since been owned by another family. I quickly explained to the family that I’d grown up in the home, told them of the secret panel leading to the safe haven and that we had very little time to get to this safe place. I welcomed them to join us. The family, my colleagues and I ran through the halls, into a bedroom, through the walk-in closet to the secret door. I pushed at the panel until it gave way to a simple passageway that led us to a great cavern sized room. Here we found the others who had been completing preparations for our arrival.

They told us that the finishing touches had just been completed, the carpets had been laid and all was ready. The carpets were ornate, the room cathedral-like and enormous. To our left there were ceiling to floor doors that lead to rolling, grassy hills with blue skies, to our right gigantic windows that faced a turquoise ocean and perfect sunlight. We, the three women and I stood together facing the ocean windows hand in hand. There was a great peace and calm knowing that we had arrived, with a purpose in the new world and this new beginning.

The dream comes at a time in life where all manifested reality speaks of change. My current employment environment where I am embraced by like-minded people, healthy, strong relationships with family and friends, the feeling of security and safety in this diverse, changeable world, all new beginnings. I know that life experiences and the journey has brought me to this very place, this very spot in time. I am exactly where I need to be in order to walk an entirely new path surrounded and walking with like-minded people. All is as it should be. We are more than this…

“…we wonder What or Who calls us into tomorrow…Fortified with focused fires of determination and commitment, we boldly embrace the challenges of change. An adrenaline like grace flows through us, and nothing can deter us from our goal. Dauntlessly we engage all of our energies, and those of the companions gathered with us, to effect transformation. Hope is high as we face the obstacles that rise in our path, knowing in faith that we will be led and companioned here.” ~ Doris Klein, CSA, 2000

Living As Diversity


Slavic Mythology Museum Art

Many believe diversity is about differences, today I challenge you to step off to the center a bit and view diversity as individual uniqueness, each, all and everything as creative expressions of Living Spirit.

“Let us pray to the One who holds us in the hollow of
  His hands, 
To the One who holds us in the curve of Her arms, 
To the One whose flesh is the flesh of hills and  
  hummingbirds and angleworms, 
Whose skin is the color of an old Black woman and 
  a young white man; and the color of the leopard 
  and the grizzly bear and the green grass snake, 
Whose hair is like the aurora borealis, rainbows,
  nebulae, waterfalls, and a spider’s web, 
Whose eyes sometime shine like the Evening Star,
  and then like fireflies, and then again like an 
  open wound, 
Whose touch is both the touch of life and the touch
  of death, 
And whose name is everyone’s, but mostly mine. 
And what shall we pray? 
Let us say, “thank you.”

Max Coots
Minister Emeritus of the Canton,N.Y. 
Unitarian Universalist Church