Living Your Purpose


amazing-736885_1280Peace has been elusive since well before fall exploded into full color, faded away and winter began. I know I live as a physical representation of God. I know that all who walk the Earth are my brothers and sisters, that we are connected as one in Spirit. I know that all is provided for me here as physical. Still I am restless and left with a want I can barely identify and desires that have no meaning in this physical world.

I voiced my feelings of unrest with close friends this week. Their response,”Stand still, clarity will come to you, whether it is to stay and the frustrations [are] momentary or [you receive] an answer to your next step and the path you should take.” Another said, “You need to have…the freedom to be you.  You like to write, help people, dance, take care of your family.  Do those but have a job that supports it… a meditation center, a place people could go before/after work or during lunches.  You could step people through a process.”

She’s right. He’s right. I feel valuable skills, abilities and talents are put aside while I go about the business of supporting a family. Mother, friend and worker bee, I, just like any other person living on the Earth carry responsibilities through every nook and cranny of life. So what is the answer to this unquiet? I am fully awake wanting to share, to live with purpose.

In his book, “There’s a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem,” Wayne Dyer talks about moving to purpose:

“The true joy of living is in allowing the higher energies of spirit to guide your life. In this state of awareness, you never have to ask what your purpose is or how to find it. Instead you feel purposeful in everything you do, and you bring that kind of joy to all that you encounter. It will not matter whether you are weeding your garden, reading a novel…driving through traffic…or meditating in silence. You will be the bringer of joy because you are in harmony rather than in conflict with God…the irony is that you will find that the surest way to get to that state of inner joyful purpose is by giving it all away.” p. 247

The remedy for my unquiet is to recognize that within the day-to-day responsibilities of my being a mom, friend and worker bee, I AM purpose. Completely connected, living dual reality, I realize the higher energies Dyer writes of already paint the days with cooking, cleaning, having coffee with friends, creating an excel spreadsheet or walking through the woods. This is purpose. Being alive, living fully. Now…time to get moving on that mediation center! We are more than this…

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  1. Thanks for these profound words. A lot to chew on as we long to find our true purpose and what brings greater meaning to our lives and the lives of others. Follow those nuggings they are from the soul!

    • Thanks Lynn! This post has been several days “stewing,” and something I’ve been wrestling with since the end of summer. The words appeared just in time! Now to change the days up a bit with awareness and appreciation 😉

  2. HOW TRUE and thank YOU for the reminder! I too find myself in that space, especially lately when the focus is on the inner transformation taking place and not much happening on the “outside.” Years ago, it seems, I used to remind people that there was never such a thing as simply going to the gas station or the market as a greater purpose was always hiding behind the seemingly mundane everyday tasks. And I can feel how the energy of Beginnings, beginning anew and going back to roots is upon us and in my life, as we are again, reminded to recognize the “miraculous” and “magical” at work in the simplest actions no matter how insignificant we may judge them to be.

    • Right? Living Spirit. WE are living spirit, expressions, each unique, bold and beautiful. Just as you say Marie, we are reminded to begin each moment recognizing the magic in the moment, even if we’re cleaning the kitchen (which I just did, ha!) All the cliches are more than words, Life is a Gift, Live in the Now, and of course my ever famous We Are More Than This. These are truths.

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