Slow Your Pace


Who stood in front of you today?

The world turns in time, seconds, minutes, hours, days and in the midst of it you’ve looked into the eyes of whom? Fellow employees, friends, neighbors and those you don’t know but have contact with somehow. The young man at the check out counter or the elderly woman you passed on the sidewalk, did you nod? How bout’ a smile?

Rushed days, too much on our plates, little time between what needs to be done now and the next moment, we’re pretty much moving from one thing to another. Other people? They’re a blur. In fact, I’ve been one of those blurs. I’ve been one of those not seen. And I’ve been on the other side not seeing. During the upcoming holiday rush, slow your pace, remember to recognize all who cross your path with kindness and respect. We are more than this…

“Holy One, you call each of us by name and you treasure each of us individually as though no one else exits. Inspire us to respect and value each person who comes into our lives this day.” ~ Unknown

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    • Yes! And take that moment to respond instead of rushing through it. 🙂 Who knows? There might be something there in the conversation meant specifically for us and we would have missed it.

  1. You don’t realize how much your smile or acknowledgement of a stranger may mean to them at that particular moment in their life. 🙂

    • Totally right on Brenda, that small gesture or smile can and does make all the difference. There are several people here who have said just that. For the month of November, there was a “gratitude” white-board put up in the main hall for all of us to publicy post special thank you’s to colleagues and others we come in contact with.

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