Today’s Moments


I was reading an article this morning about how emotional reactions to past experience are carried in memory. These memories are what can stand in the way of personal progress, happiness and life success. When we come up against challenges, the remembered emotions rise up in waves pushing us back, holding us in place, standing still instead of moving forward.

The author writes,

“However, yesterday can have no reality other than our reactions to it. It can have no real existence of its own in today other than the lengthened shadows of yesterday. And so it is that as the impulsions of yesterday are carried over into today, making today happy or disconsolate, so the reactions of today are prophetic of what we shall experience tomorrow.”

What does this mean for you and me? It’s an old cliché, the past is gone, tomorrow is not yet arrived, we have only right now, this very moment. Observe the moment, be mindful of your surroundings and what fills your life right now, right where you exist on the life path. Personally I am grateful for the good place my family is in, for the friends that walk this life with me, for the people I work with who support and appreciate me, and all is well. The memory I have this moment, the memory I’m creating is that of gratitude, this is my reaction in the moment. Being mindful of our reactions and emotions will help in creating positive memories, changing mindset and making our paths of tomorrow happier. We have the ability to perceive things differently in order to change remembered emotions for our tomorrows. Do it! We are more than this…

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