An In-The-Middle-Pace


Yesterday I talked about moving at an “in-the-middle” pace. I’ve moved from frantic to fast, and now want to take it down another notch. Digging for quotes for sharing this morning, I found some interesting tidbits I thought I’d share from author Christine Louise Hohlbaum posted on We are more than this…

“In this crazy world of high-tech and high anxiety it is important to realize the power of slowing things down.  Life does not have to be a daily race against time. You can choose to live at a gentler pace.

When you engage in the power of slow, you can keep distractions and haste at bay. Slow living does not mean you always crawl at a turtle’s pace. It means finding your custom-made speed and creating a more gratifying life as you pause to savor your experiences more fully. The first step is to develop a positive relationship with time and a new attitude about how you use the hours in each day.” Here are a few tips for slowing down to enjoy life more. The link to the article is found below.

  • Embrace Time Abundance – Like time starvation, time abundance is a mind-set. Know that there is a reason for every season. Time abundance states you have more than enough time to get everything done that serves your ultimate purpose.
  • Create the Opening – Sometimes saying ‘no’ to one thing means leaving room for ‘yes’ in other areas.
  • Relish the Space Between Things – ‘Ma’ is a Japanese term for the space between beats in music or theatrical performances. Give ‘ma’ a chance to show itself in your calendar by creating room for some breezy nothingness between appointments.
  • Invite Flow Into Your Life – Engage in activities that make you forget the time altogether such as painting, dance or making music.
  • Eat Mindfully – You are what, and how, you eat. Take time between bites and chew slowly. Make it a primary, not secondary activity (while doing something else).
  • Switch Off Your Cell Phone – It is an addition as much as a convenience. Turn it off from time to time to recharge from the world. The Earth will keep spinning as you refrain from doing so.
  • When a Window Closes, A Door Opens – Focus on one project at a time and close all other unrelated windows on your computer. Distractions can tug at your energy, leaving you feeling depleted.
  • Take Small Steps – We often procrastinate due to feeling overwhelmed. Break bigger projects down into manageable, bite-sized chunks.

Beliefnet – 21 Simple Ways to Slow Down:

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