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Connection and Reconnection


For years people have asked if I can teach them to read auras, perform intuitive readings, consciously dream and to connect with Spirit. My response? Of course, all it takes is a willingness to walk in Spirit and a commitment to meditative practice.

For me learning to turn inward to meditate was more an evolutionary process than a conscious endeavor. The big picture went unrecognized while continuously unfolding. Reflecting on the journey it’s easy to see that life experiences from childhood to present have brought me here. However while traveling the years it never occurred to me to see any type of end result. My focus was more on moving from one moment to the next just trying to keep up. I don’t believe I was meant to see what was coming. Instead this was a blossoming work in process, a necessity where I was to live only as physical with complete immersion in marrying, divorcing, completing college, becoming a single mother, working and ultimately growing spiritually.  I experienced these things in order to learn and relate to others, in order to write for you dear reader. How else might I understand what it means to struggle, to worry, to feel love, pain, joy, sorrow, to build courage and strength?

As I continue meditative practices and living mindfully, the abilities and skills continue to increase in strength as well as the conscious connection with Spirit Collective. This is a time filled with anticipation and excitement for whatever communication or lesson may appear next. Every once in a while there’s a quiet spell. When it gets too quiet, when nothing appears I begin to feel a deep longing for connection. Author John O’Donohue speaks to this longing saying that “our persistent, if vague longing is a divine urgency for the Creator and the created to become one again.” That burning desire keeps me searching, it keeps me learning, it keeps me moving toward Spirit, toward the Whole. It is divine urgency leading me to connection and reconnection repeatedly.

Today contemplating the long weeks of quiet just passed, I realize I’m standing in the midst of a new phase of growth. Unexpected events and people have moved into place and with them opportunity. A divine and graced orchestration I wait now for the Creator to draw me into what’s prepared. Join me. If the willingness is there, if you’re interested and feel the urgency, write, let’s talk and find time to sit together in quiet communication with the Creator. We are more than this…

“Earth’s crammed with heaven. And every common bush is afire with God; But only he who sees takes off his shoes, the rest sit around it and pluck blackberries.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browing

The Right Time


Living in Grace means allowing life to unfold, while still moving forward in creating the life you desire. What does that mean? Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Letting things happen, but still taking steps to create?

According to my own dreams and intuition, along with observations of the general direction of the life path, it’s clear to me that I am right where I should be. I’m in a job surrounded by like-minded colleagues, socializing with supportive friends, watching adult children move up and out of the house so that I have the time and energy to write not only this blog, but to reflect and write pages of material. I have opportunity to meditate more frequently and to begin pulling together the stories of experiences that have been collected over many years for a book. All experience has led to this.

The education and maturity to write couldn’t just materialize. It was necessary to move through a variety of experiences and develop the skills required to write the book. Today while walking the woods at lunch, I realized that all pieces are in place. I have every single tool necessary, the environment, the education as well as the encouragement. It surrounds me. Now back to my first statement. “Living in Grace means allowing life to unfold, while still moving forward in creating the life you desire.” I could change the end of the statement to “forward in taking steps toward life purpose.” Of course that insinuates that you actually know what your life purpose is.

In 1999, while working on my Bachelor’s I took a creative arts course that required us to create a simple drawing or painting that illustrated what we thought our life purpose was. I painted a simple hillside with a woman sitting under a tree writing a book in the sunshine. The book’s title, “More Than This” and painted across the skies “Life’s Journey is a Workshop for the Spirit.” How serendipitous. This blog carries those exact words throughout the pages, thirteen years later. I knew then I would write a book. I also knew it would be some time before I’d be ready. It was necessary to trust in the mechanics of Grace. A single mother with four children at home, ages 4 through 17, working a part-time, my plate was full and running over. I knew there would be a time, but not then, not yet.

Now the baby is 17, a senior in high school. I’ve acquired a Bachelor’s, Master’s and post-graduate work in writing and I’m in a position to pull all the pieces together. What does it take now to move things along? Commitment and desire on my part. Grace provided everything I need, now it’s my turn to act.

What has Grace provided for you? Looking over the timeline of your life days, what do you see it leading to? Is there something you are meant to act on? Are you ready? Do you have the desire and ability to commit time and effort? We are more than this…

“May some good thing, some outrageous and unexpected advantage, some liberal and immeasurable portion of good come to you. May it have the odd stamp of inevitability sealed within it. May it come labeled and with your name on it, impatient for you, by some express delivery, unstoppable in transit, blessedness within all of your specifications, all the peculiar measures of you, that rescripts all your doubts and misbeliefs, and topples your little inner kingdom where dreams and longing have slept too deep and too long and thought things impossible.” ~ David Teems 2004

Today’s Moments


I was reading an article this morning about how emotional reactions to past experience are carried in memory. These memories are what can stand in the way of personal progress, happiness and life success. When we come up against challenges, the remembered emotions rise up in waves pushing us back, holding us in place, standing still instead of moving forward.

The author writes,

“However, yesterday can have no reality other than our reactions to it. It can have no real existence of its own in today other than the lengthened shadows of yesterday. And so it is that as the impulsions of yesterday are carried over into today, making today happy or disconsolate, so the reactions of today are prophetic of what we shall experience tomorrow.”

What does this mean for you and me? It’s an old cliché, the past is gone, tomorrow is not yet arrived, we have only right now, this very moment. Observe the moment, be mindful of your surroundings and what fills your life right now, right where you exist on the life path. Personally I am grateful for the good place my family is in, for the friends that walk this life with me, for the people I work with who support and appreciate me, and all is well. The memory I have this moment, the memory I’m creating is that of gratitude, this is my reaction in the moment. Being mindful of our reactions and emotions will help in creating positive memories, changing mindset and making our paths of tomorrow happier. We have the ability to perceive things differently in order to change remembered emotions for our tomorrows. Do it! We are more than this…

An In-The-Middle-Pace


Yesterday I talked about moving at an “in-the-middle” pace. I’ve moved from frantic to fast, and now want to take it down another notch. Digging for quotes for sharing this morning, I found some interesting tidbits I thought I’d share from author Christine Louise Hohlbaum posted on We are more than this…

“In this crazy world of high-tech and high anxiety it is important to realize the power of slowing things down.  Life does not have to be a daily race against time. You can choose to live at a gentler pace.

When you engage in the power of slow, you can keep distractions and haste at bay. Slow living does not mean you always crawl at a turtle’s pace. It means finding your custom-made speed and creating a more gratifying life as you pause to savor your experiences more fully. The first step is to develop a positive relationship with time and a new attitude about how you use the hours in each day.” Here are a few tips for slowing down to enjoy life more. The link to the article is found below.

  • Embrace Time Abundance – Like time starvation, time abundance is a mind-set. Know that there is a reason for every season. Time abundance states you have more than enough time to get everything done that serves your ultimate purpose.
  • Create the Opening – Sometimes saying ‘no’ to one thing means leaving room for ‘yes’ in other areas.
  • Relish the Space Between Things – ‘Ma’ is a Japanese term for the space between beats in music or theatrical performances. Give ‘ma’ a chance to show itself in your calendar by creating room for some breezy nothingness between appointments.
  • Invite Flow Into Your Life – Engage in activities that make you forget the time altogether such as painting, dance or making music.
  • Eat Mindfully – You are what, and how, you eat. Take time between bites and chew slowly. Make it a primary, not secondary activity (while doing something else).
  • Switch Off Your Cell Phone – It is an addition as much as a convenience. Turn it off from time to time to recharge from the world. The Earth will keep spinning as you refrain from doing so.
  • When a Window Closes, A Door Opens – Focus on one project at a time and close all other unrelated windows on your computer. Distractions can tug at your energy, leaving you feeling depleted.
  • Take Small Steps – We often procrastinate due to feeling overwhelmed. Break bigger projects down into manageable, bite-sized chunks.

Beliefnet – 21 Simple Ways to Slow Down:

Great Day to Start



Driving in this morning I found myself thinking about, well about everything. I had the ole’ “monkey mind” thing going on, jumping from one thought to the next not really stopping to ponder any one of them in particular. Good thing is, I caught myself.

So I went back through a few of those thought-topics-things in my life that need attention and picked out a couple of them deciding today would be a great day to start just targeting one to two thoughts, one project at time for a few days until completed, and then move onto what’s next on the list.

Now you know I talk about being mindful all the time, being observant, paying attention to what’s in front of you. And I do, but I move quickly. I think it’s time to slow the pace a little. Over the last six months I’ve slowed it considerably from frantic to fast, now I think  in-the-middle  might be kinda cool. So I’m going to give it a try.

That means monkey-mind thoughts like this morning, “Wow that garage is really a mess, the shredding needs to be done. It really bothers me that those boxes are right smack in front of my face on the shelves when I get in the car every morning. Maybe I should fix the recycling can too, it’s not labeled properly. I wonder if my daughter ever got a winter coat. I better check. What time am I going out for dinner? Better pick something up for the boy. What groceries do I need? When will I shop? Eggs. Soy milk. Pancake stuff. Better get some yogurt butter. I’d like to get to Whole Foods. I wonder if my boss looked at the survey I left on her desk. 7:20 almost there, maybe I can get it edited before the event today. My sister just sent me a text, darn! I forgot to look for those gifts she wanted.”  Oh…shoot. Whoa, I think I have monkey mind. Ahhh…STOP!

Caught myself. Breathe in, breathe out. Slow fast down to…in-the-middle. Pick a couple of things and do those this weekend and blog it. So here it is. There you have it. I know you do it too. Find an in-the-middle pace that works for you until you can experience what it means to go slower and then hey maybe you, and for that matter I, can get to slow. Slow is probably a reasonable pace that we haven’t done for so long it feels awkward. But maybe something we can all get used to. We are more than this…

“And so taking the long way home through the market I slow my pace down. It doesn’t come naturally. My legs are programmed to trot briskly and my arms to pump up and down like pistons, but I force myself to stroll past the stalls and pavement cafes. To enjoy just being somewhere, rather than rushing from somewhere, to somewhere. Inhaling deep lungfuls of air, instead of my usual shallow breaths. I take a moment to just stop and look around me. And smile to myself….For the first time in a long time, I can, quite literally, smell the coffee.” ~ Alexandra Potter, The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather

Beyond Perfectionism


Lately writing has been challenging. I have half a dozen entries started and unfinished all at the same time. There are so many things going on. What to blog, what to share, what do readers want to know? So I stalled out. My motor stopped. Growing up we had an old speedboat my father had restored with loving care. He sanded the wood over and over until smooth, fixed the nicks and scratches, stained it and varnished it, buffing until shiny bright, a rebuilt motor that had seen better days was perched on the back. Sometimes while out on the lake it would stall out. Just stop, like me. I’m stalled.

My words are around, I roll them out and then go over and over them, fixing up the nicks and scratches, adding some color here and there, polishing the writing, just like dad polished the boat. Only where dad would step back and say ok enough, it’s ready let’s get her in the water, I’m still choosing colors, smoothing, polishing and buffing and polishing some more. I’m a perfectionist. I don’t step back and say ok, it’s ready to go, I’m still picking at the work.

I’ve decided I need to change the blog posts up a bit. You’ll start to see some light thoughts, humor, – writing, short stories, dreams, favorite poems, favorite motivational posters I or others have created and more. So stay with me dear readers. There are lot’s of adventure filled pages coming. We are more than this…

Living Beyond Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous. Actually who am I not to be?

You are a child of God. If you are playing small, that doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are born to manifest the glory of God within us.

It is in everyone. And as we let our lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ~ Marianne Williamson