Eternal Present


Today it was hard for me to be still. Mind was flying here and there, flitting from one thought to another, resting a moment and then off again. First I thought it might be because it’s Monday. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish before the end of the day and really didn’t want to deal with this, whatever it was. After a couple of hours I put my work aside to sit quietly and center.

Staring out the office window toward the trees, I settled on one activity, being still. Stopping for a moment to sit with mind quietly, breathing in, exhale, relax, repeat. Washing out the flitting thoughts one after the other, each fell away until quiet remained and a lone image, it was an image of me. Me, excitedly anticipating life events while I carry out typical, predictable day-to-day duties. Like a little kid waiting for Christmas presents I couldn’t be still.

In that moment of observation, I recognized these were flitting images of things to come, events that will unfold. Rather than scolding mind for skipping about, I clapped hands right along with it in joy, all is well, life is good. Create! Go ahead. Throughout the remainder of the day, my hope was to capture a few of the images to identify people and places. Although they escaped recognition, the excited anticipation remained. In the end, I decided to enjoy. Bringing these awesome feelings to the tasks at hand, I went back to work finishing nearly everything on my list before the end of the day. Recognize the sacred in your day. Those fleeting and flitting moments. We are more than this…

“Because love has the stuff of forever in it, we may enjoy eternity in the present. And though love renders time mute, it makes the moments we have, even the most insignificant of them sacred, for we are answerable to the divinity within those moments. Each brings with it its own opportunity for love. Like a good angel ascending and descending the ladder between heaven and earth, divinity and humanity, between time and timelessness, love has charge in both domains, and makes the two one, allowing you and I to partake of heaven on the dullest of days, in the most unsuspecting time.”    ~David Teems

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