Arriving Safely


A few weeks ago I dreamt of the “safe” place I’ve been creating in the dream state for years. It’s been under construction since I was 16 years old starting with a cavern in the side of a mountain that could only be reached through a secret door in my grandmother’s attic. We started tunnels back then because we knew someday when the world changed, this place would be ready and waiting for us. Over the years, a group of us have been working on the site in dreams.

It’s ready. The safe site is complete. In this most current dream, I am in an institution of higher learning and shown an event of great proportion that will change the existing world. It will happen soon and will be instant. I ran through the halls choosing a few women I knew were knowledgable of being more than this, women who understood we would be heading for an entrance to a new way of living, a completely new reality.

The four of us ran for my childhood home that had long since been owned by another family. I quickly explained to the family that I’d grown up in the home, told them of the secret panel leading to the safe haven and that we had very little time to get to this safe place. I welcomed them to join us. The family, my colleagues and I ran through the halls, into a bedroom, through the walk-in closet to the secret door. I pushed at the panel until it gave way to a simple passageway that led us to a great cavern sized room. Here we found the others who had been completing preparations for our arrival.

They told us that the finishing touches had just been completed, the carpets had been laid and all was ready. The carpets were ornate, the room cathedral-like and enormous. To our left there were ceiling to floor doors that lead to rolling, grassy hills with blue skies, to our right gigantic windows that faced a turquoise ocean and perfect sunlight. We, the three women and I stood together facing the ocean windows hand in hand. There was a great peace and calm knowing that we had arrived, with a purpose in the new world and this new beginning.

The dream comes at a time in life where all manifested reality speaks of change. My current employment environment where I am embraced by like-minded people, healthy, strong relationships with family and friends, the feeling of security and safety in this diverse, changeable world, all new beginnings. I know that life experiences and the journey has brought me to this very place, this very spot in time. I am exactly where I need to be in order to walk an entirely new path surrounded and walking with like-minded people. All is as it should be. We are more than this…

“…we wonder What or Who calls us into tomorrow…Fortified with focused fires of determination and commitment, we boldly embrace the challenges of change. An adrenaline like grace flows through us, and nothing can deter us from our goal. Dauntlessly we engage all of our energies, and those of the companions gathered with us, to effect transformation. Hope is high as we face the obstacles that rise in our path, knowing in faith that we will be led and companioned here.” ~ Doris Klein, CSA, 2000

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