Scar Connection


Recovering from surgery I have “found” free time. It’s the kind of time you can burn because it hasn’t been gobbled up by previously earmarked work or personal obligation. This delicious piece of heaven has given me opportunity to recover and reflect. Several nights ago, while talking with a friend about scar tissue removed during surgery, the spoken words made sense in a way not previously considered. I heard myself say, “…the scar tissue had to be removed to make space for proper flow…” and as those words were stated, a picture flashed across inner-mind of the physical and spiritual metaphors attached to that statement. Consider the following:

Life Events Leading to Physical Now:

  • 15 years of challenging, demanding, sometimes painful life experiences accumulate at the center of my spiritual being resulting in life “scars”
  • Separation and divorce
  • Rasing four children alone (16, 13, 7 and 2, now 31, 28, 23 and 16)
  • Obtaining both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with Post-Graduate work
  • Working three jobs for many years to support the family and pay for school

Physical Now:

  • Experience intense “gut” pain, in the very center of my being.
  • ER doctor explains the appendix is slightly enlarged, very tender to touch and should be removed.
  • Once inside, the surgeon finds and removes “scar” tissue from a 20-year-old surgery that has grown and spread, connecting itself to a perfectly healthy appendix, blocking proper intestinal flow.

My Interpretation:

  • Residual scars of life experience had connected and embedded themselves, blocking energy flow.
  • Once the physical impediments were removed, a reopening and expanding of space and pathways occurred allowing for healthy physical and spiritual living.

Recent research supports this reasoning:

Bruce Lipton’s 2005 book, Biology of Belief:

“The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist. His experiments, and that of other leading edge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton’s profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.”

Dr. Dawson Church’s 2009 book, The Genie in Your Genes:

“Author Dawson Church applies the insights of the new field of Epigenetics (epi=above, i.e. control above the level of the gene) to healing. Citing hundreds of scientific studies, he shows how beliefs and emotions can trigger the expression of DNA strands. He focuses on a class of genes called Immediate Early Genes or IEGs. These genes turn on within a few seconds of a stimulus. They can be triggered by thoughts or emotions (“I loved that unexpected gift of roses Bill gave me” or “I’m so mad about what Uncle John said at the Christmas party”). Many IEGs are regulatory genes turn on other genes that affect specific aspects of our immune system, such as the production of white blood cells that destroy attacking bacteria and viruses. Epigenetics thus influences our health every day. He coins the new term “Epigenetic Medicine” to describe healing techniques with epigenetic effects. He also summarizes the science behind the infant fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, both of which offer promising epigenetic medical therapies.”

As the scientific and spiritual realms begin to work toward blending healing treatments, in the future we may find modern medicine refashioned to consider all aspects of self, much like alternative medicine does now. In the meantime, I will pay even more attention to my thoughts and feelings,  as well as dreams and meditations in order to manifest a healthier state of mind and physical being.

In reviewing my dream journal, I found an entry from Spring of 2010 that seemed relevant to this experience. I dreamt of being in a room sprawled out relaxing, doing things I love, enjoying sunshine, watching movies, eating favorite foods (even bon-bons), I was recovering!  In this dream, I felt guilty because I wasn’t up and about working or taking care of family. A gentleman came to my side, kneeling beside me weeping he told me, “You have been used, manipulated, abused and given enough of yourself for all, we are grateful to you for this work. Now it is time for you to rest.”  I told him to get up off his knees, that I had done nothing remarkable, that it was my role to do what I had done. In this dream, I knew I had arrived at a new place in both family and work aspects of life, and that it was a place of safety, acceptance and peace.

My dream has become reality. Here I am dear reader, watching each child move away as they become more self-sufficient, working a new job I love, sitting, resting and recovering, landing right here in this now, writing for you in the hopes that you too will see that we are more than this… Maybe I’ll go buy some bon-bon’s.

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  1. I resonate with this, Colleen…have been following Bruce Lipton and his colleagues for many years and believe that thread of unfolding knowing. Thanks for such clear understanding and writing about it…Love, Brenda

    • You are most welcome Brenda. It’s a broad interpretation of the body, mind and spirit connection on my part, however something I think that should be discussed and examined more. We just need to get it out here for people to read with applicable examples. Lot’so love and hugs!

  2. You post and what you summarized about the new insights of “modern” holistic medicine reminds me of what I recently heard David Allen say in a video: “Modern science has caught up with ancient wisdom”, or something along those lines. And I would add: caught up with the ancient wisdom it arrogantly set out to outsmart. Ancient wisdom was perfectly wise to just out-wait this foolish enterprise knowing precisely where it would lead. 🙂

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