Living Integrity


Integrity. Do you hear this word used in everyday language? It frequently appears in a company’s mission, vision or values, but in everyday writing or speaking, not so much. Living with integrity requires moving through life with mindfulness. It requires acting from the depth of your being, with honest intention and actions, you know, thought, word, deed and all that.

It took me a while to get to a place of living with integrity using mindfulness. This requires attention to thought, to the words that come out of your mouth and to the actions that follow. I’ve found the more I run on autopilot, the less I’m able to pay attention to what’s going on the inside and the outside.

Acting with integrity means examining the words before they fly out. Words have power, words can have sharp edges, or not. See? Your choice. Will you let those words go? Is it really necessary? Or can you simply make your thoughts known in a more respectful manner?

Over the last couple of days there have been challenges in the way I’ve reacted to a personal situation. Truthfully I wanted to lash out and remind this individual of their resemblance to a donkey’s…well, you get the idea. After sharing the experience with a close friend, she provided a stream of verbs and nouns that she thought would be more appropriate for my use. They contained many f’s, n’s and b’s. I’ll leave it to your imaginations.

Those who know me well know that I see the best in people. I am “Pollyanna” at heart. I was once told this is my biggest character flaw, because I can’t see when people aren’t genuine, when they’re lying, cheating or pretentious and ultimately end up hurt by their actions. It does happen occasionally. Someone will slip past me with their fake angel wings and I fall for it, but not for long because their actions will inevitably glare back at me causing an ah-ha moment…damn another one bites the dust.

Living in Spirit with mindfulness leading the way, knowing we are all part of the Whole, I see people as good and treat all with respect. Once there’s discovery of some not so nice behavior, it’s really my choice as to whether I will continue in the relationship with that person, or walk on without them on the life journey. In the end, I’m left with these amazing people. Women and men who live with honesty in their word and deed, with integrity and deeply embedded in Spirit, those who have stayed true to living mindfully. And I am most grateful for your presence.

Have a fabulously blessed Tuesday dear readers! Stay mindful.

We are more than this…

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